Barcelona Airport Guide

All the Essential Info and Tips about El Prat Airport

General Airport Information

Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport is the second busiest Spanish airport and the largest aviation hub in the Catalonian area. It is considered one of the most important airports in Europe, welcoming millions of passengers every year. All the major airlines, domestic and international, fly from and to BCN Airport to more than 200 destinations. What’s more, Barcelona Airport is one of the most low-cost European airports. The airport consists of 2 terminals, with T2 being the old but refurbished one and T1 having been relatively recently constructed. The airport’s infrastructure is modern and practical, and in T1, an impressive duty-free area is dedicated to luxurious and unique products. Overall, El Prat Airport is one passenger-friendly airport that will offer you a pleasant traveling experience.


El Prat Airport has two terminals, the old one now called terminal 2 and the newer T1, which opened its door in 2009. Nowadays, the majority of flights land or depart from T1, which handles most of the BCN total passenger traffic. T2 primarily serves regional and low-cost flights. Nevertheless, the facilities of both terminal buildings are modern and respond to the travelers’ needs, as T2 has been utterly reorganized and refurbished. What’s more, both terminals offer a carefully chosen selection of shopping and dining options, guaranteeing a pleasant waiting time for their passengers.


Whether you are looking for a really short stay inside the airport or you prefer a nearby option, there are plenty of hotels near Barcelona Airport which should attract your attention. Check out the 5 top options close to BCN Airport, as well as the 5 top-rated hotels in the city center, and enjoy your accommodation as much as the entire trip to Barcelona.


Parking your car at El Prat Airport is easy, safe, and quite affordable (depending on the chosen parking premises), no matter if you are flying from T1 or T2. Covered and open car parks, VIP parking areas, long-stay parking facilities, as well as designated areas for drop-offs, pick-ups, or short stays are at your disposal at Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport.

Layover at the Airport

Long layovers at Barcelona Airport shouldn’t upset you, as you can find plenty of things to do at El Prat Airport. Explore all the BCN amenities and profit from the airport’s excellent services. Is time on your side? Leave the airport and get a taste of the magnificent Barcelona!