Transportation from Barcelona Airport to City Center

Transfer Options from Barcelona Airport to City Center

BCN Airport is efficiently connected to the city center. Both public and private transportation options are available, allowing passengers to choose the alternative that best suits their needs and, of course, their pocket! Thus, the airport public transportation system is being handled by the RENFE train, the subway, the day and night public buses, and the fast Aerobus. On the other hand, Barcelona airport taxis are always waiting outside both terminals, while numerous private transfer and car rental companies operate at BCN Airport.


OptionsPrice (€)Price ($)Duration
Taxi35-40€35-40$25 min
Bus 46/N16/N172.40€2.40$35 min
Aerobus5.90€5.90$30 min
Train4.60€4.60$20-25 min
Metro5.15€5.15$32 min

Barcelona Airport to City Center by Taxi

A Barcelona airport taxi is undoubtedly the most comfortable and convenient way to reach your accommodation in the city center. Barcelona’s black and yellow taxis have a distinctive “TAXI” sign on their roof with a green light on it, indicating whether they are available or not. The official taxi stands are located just outside each terminal building, and airport taxis are always to be found waiting in line.

Barcelona taxis are metered, meaning that the final tariff is calculated by a taximeter, based on the traversed distance. Airport transfers have a minimum fare of 20€/20$, but in general terms, a ride from El Prat Airport to the city center costs 35-40€/35-40$ during the day shift, whereas at night, on Sundays or during holidays, you should expect to be charged approximately 40€/40$. Overall the taxi ride lasts about 25 minutes, depending on the traffic and the exact location of the destination point.

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Barcelona Airport to City Center by Bus

If you decide to reach Barcelona city center by bus, then you’ll have two alternative options. The TMB Bus 46 and the Nitbus N16 and N17 offer affordable and reliable transfer services from and to the airport. Bus Line 46 operates from 4:50 am to 11:50 pm, passes every 15-20 minutes from both terminal buildings, and takes about 30-35 minutes to arrive at Plaça España. On the other hand, the Night Bus N16 runs from 11:30 pm to 5:00 am with 3 routes per hour and needs 40 minutes to reach the city center. N17 operates from 10:00 pm to 05:00 am. However, N16 stops only at the T2 bus stop, whereas N17 at T1. The ticket costs just 2.40€/2.40$. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t opt for those buses if you are in a hurry (as they make a lot of intermediate stops), or if you carry lots of baggage.

Alternatively, you can use the fast Aerobus lines. The Aerobus A1 departs from T1 every 4-10 minutes, while the Aerobus A2 has the same frequency, departing from T2B and T2C sections’ bus stops. Both lines need about 35 minutes to get to Pl. Catalunya. Their cost is higher (a single ticket costs 5.90€/5.90$ and a round trip 10.20€/10.20$), but they have plenty of storage space, they offer Wi-Fi and charging ports and they run 24/7.

Our Tip: All tickets can be bought online, via automatic ticket machines, or from the driver inside the bus.

Barcelona Airport to City Center by Train

The RENFE R2 Nord Line connects the airport to the city of Barcelona. Departing every 30 minutes from the Airport Train Station located outside the T2 terminal building, the R2 Nord Line runs from 5:42 am to 11:38 pm. Thus, if your arrival terminal is T1, you’ll have to take the free shuttle bus that connects the 2 terminals. The free shuttle buses are always available at the airport and need about 10 minutes to get from one terminal to the other. The Train R2 Nord needs 20-25 minutes to get to the Metropolitan area of Barcelona and costs 4.60€/4.60$.

Our Tip 1: Line R2 has 3 sublines. Only R2 Nord passes through the airport.

Our Tip 2: The train stations aren’t exactly located in the city center. Thus, you should choose wisely your disembarkation station and either walk on foot or change to another metro/train line.

Barcelona Airport to City Center by Metro

The Orange L9 Sud Line connects the airport to the city center, passing from both terminal buildings. The Barcelona airport metro runs every 7 minutes from 5:00 am to midnight, and from 5:00 am to 2:00 on Fridays, and on public holidays (on Saturdays it runs all night long). Its travel time is about 32 minutes and the ticket costs 5.15€/5.15$.

Our Tip: Same as the train, the metro stations aren’t to be found at the exact heart of the city. Hence, you’ll have to change lines to reach your destination. Get off the L9 Sud Line at the final Zona Universitaria Station and hop on the Green Line 3, or transit to the Blue Line 5 at Collblanc Station.

Car Rental from Barcelona Airport to City Center 

Do you want to be completely independent? Are you planning on renting your own car and reaching your accommodation in Barcelona city center stress-free, without having to use either public transportation means or a private transfer? As long as you make your car rental reservation in advance, you’ll find out that traversing the distance from BCN Airport to downtown isn’t a demanding task.

Thus, if you are landing at T1, you should head to the highway B-22 and reach the C-31 to Barcelona. After 11km, you should continue to Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes. From that point, you’ll have to use the local roads to reach your exact destination. On the other hand, if your departure point is T2, you’ll have to get to C-31 via C-32B and follow the same route.

Private Airport Transfers from Barcelona Airport to City Center

Private transfers are the most up-to-date transportation method, especially when it comes to airport rides. There is nothing more relaxing and comfortable than knowing that your personal driver will be waiting for you at the Arrivals hall of BCN Airport, escort you to the vehicle of your choice, and drive you to Barcelona city center in peace and ease. Plenty of private transfer companies function at the airport. Hence, the most low-cost private transfer and the best deals are only a web search away.


How much is the train from Barcelona Airport to city centre?

The R2 Nord train ticket costs 4.60€/4.60$ for a single transfer. However, if you are planning on using Barcelona’s public transportation network, you can either buy the T-Casual ticket, which offers you 10 journeys inside zone 1, using any means of transport, and costs 7.95€/7.95$, or choose the Hola Barcelona Travel Pass, which allows you to travel unlimitedly, using any public transportation mean, for 48, 72, 96 or 120 hours in a row.

How much is a taxi from Barcelona Airport to city center?

Barcelona airport taxis are metered, and therefore, the exact fare is calculated via a taximeter. Nevertheless, you should expect to pay approximately 35-40€/35-40$ during the day and 40€/40$ at night, at weekends, or during public holidays.

How far is Barcelona Airport from the city center?

Barcelona Airport is located close to the city center, approximately 15km from the heart of the city. Thus, a taxi ride from BCN Airport to the city center lasts around 25 minutes, while the R2 Nord Train takes 20-25 minutes to get to its final stop. The L9 Sud metro line needs 32 minutes to traverse this distance. Finally, the travel time with Buses 46, N16, and N17 is 35 minutes, whereas the fast Aerobus reaches the downtown area in 25 minutes.