Transportation from Barcelona Airport to Girona

Transfer Options from Barcelona Airport to Girona

Is your final destination Girona? Are you planning on visiting the famous tourist city, located on the north side of Catalonia? Enjoy your flight to Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport worry-free, as there are plenty of options for your transfer from BCN Airport to the city of Girona. According to your needs, your budget and of course, your desires, you can either choose a comfortable Barcelona airport taxi, a high-quality private transfer or opt for public transportation. However, you should keep in mind that you won’t find a direct connection to Girona via public means of transport.


OptionsPrice (€)Price ($)Duration
Taxi160€190$85 min
Bus23.5€28$140 min
Train22€26$65 min

Barcelona Airport to Girona by Taxi

The black and yellow vehicles are queuing up outside the airport terminals around the clock. Thus, whatever time of the day you may land at BCN Airport, you can catch a Barcelona airport taxi and travel safely and comfortably to your accommodation in Girona. Are you wondering how much time you may need to traverse the 118km-distance from El Prat Airport to Girona city center? The taxi ride should take approximately 85 minutes, depending on the roads’ traffic and the exact location of your destination.

What’s more, you should expect to be charged about 160€/190$ for your transfer to Girona. However, if you are travelling during the night shift (8:00 pm – 8:00 am) or your transfer takes place during a weekend or a public holiday, the price will rise to about 190€/225$. Extra fees may also apply for too much luggage, tolls etc. You can easily check out the supplementary costs as they must be written on a sticker, attached to the rear taxi window. In any case, you should always ask your driver for the approximate cost before starting your ride to make sure you won’t get scammed.

Barcelona Airport to Girona by Bus

Unfortunately, you won’t find a public airport bus directly connecting the El Prat Airport to Girona. Therefore, if you are opting for a bus transfer to your journey’s end, you should head to the A1 or the A2 bus stop, just outside the T1 and the T2 terminal buildings, and take the Aerobus to  Pl. Espanya. From that point, you’ll have to take the bus line H12 and hop off the bus after 10 stops, at Gran Via-Roger del Flor. The Barcelona Nord station is located 500m from that stop. Buses to Girona depart from Barcelona Nord every 5 hours. 

Overall, you’ll need 2 hours and 20 minutes to reach Girona by bus, and you’ll have to pay 23.5€/28$ in total (5.90€/7$ for the Aerobus ticket, 2.40€/2.80$ for the H12 bus and 15€/17.8$ for the intercity bus to Girona). 

Although public buses don’t head directly to Girona, the Sagalés bus line 602 leaves T1 Andenes (platforms 10-11-12) and T2 intercity bus stop three times per day and travels to Girona Estació d’ Autobusos. The journey takes about 150 minutes and costs 19€/22.5$.

Barcelona Airport to Girona by Train

Similar to buses, Barcelona trains don’t head directly from BCN Airport to Girona. Hence, if you are landing at El Prat T2, you’ll have to take the R2 Nord train to Barcelona Sants station. From that station, you’ll find regional and AVE train lines travelling to Girona. Nevertheless, if your arrival terminal is T1, the free airport shuttle bus connecting the two terminals is a one-way street for traversing the 4km distance. The BCN train station is situated outside the T2 and is linked to the terminal building via an overpass. 

The journey with the train from El Prat Airport to Girona lasts about 65 minutes in total (80 minutes if adding the transfer between terminals) and costs 22€/26$ when travelling on the RENFE Avant train lines and 36.3€/43$ when choosing the AVE trains. On the other hand, the regional RENFE train tickets cost 8.70€/10.32$ (17.9€/21.2$ altogether), but their travel time from Barcelona Sants to Girona is 90 minutes. Thus, the journey from BCN Airport to Girona with a regional train should double itself.

Barcelona Airport to Girona by Car Rental

Have you decided to drive your way to Girona city center? Pre-book your airport car rental from one of the numerous car rental companies available at the airport, and travel at your own pace to your final destination in Girona. 

After exiting the airport complex, take the motorway B-22 to C-31 (Barcelona-Lleida-Girona). Then, take the exit to 196AB and head to B-10. Continue to C-58 and exit at  AP-7/Girona/ França. Afterwards, enter C-33 and continue to AP-7 till exit 7 to Acceso Girona Sur/C-65. Finally, continue your way until Ronda Sant Antoni Maria Claret. Your journey should last about 1hour and 27 minutes.

Our Tip: The route includes tolls.

Barcelona Airport to Girona by Private Transfer

Plenty of private transfer companies operate at El Prat Airport. Hence, if you want to maximize the comfort and the convenience of your transfer to Girona, you can pre-book your transfer and have your driver waiting for your arrival to escort you to your vehicle and lead you to the beautiful Girona


How do I get from Barcelona airport to Girona?

There are 5 ways to reach Girona city center from Barcelona airport. If comfort and convenience are important to you, you should opt for a Barcelona airport taxi or a private transfer. On the other hand, if you prefer public transportation or you are travelling on a tight budget, you can choose the bus or the train. However, these options are either more time-consuming or require many transits. Last but not least, many car rental companies offer their services at BCN Airport.

Is Barcelona Girona airport the same as Girona airport?

Girona airport and Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat airport are two completely different airports. El Prat Airport is the main airport serving the area of Barcelona, located at a 15-km distance from Barcelona city center, whereas Girona airport is a much smaller airfield, 100km away from the city of Barcelona.