Barcelona Airport Train

Learn Everything about the Railway Services from Barcelona Airport

The R2 Nord Train Line from El Prat Airport

The R2 Nord Line connects BCN Airport to the city of Barcelona. With a 30-minute frequency, the suburban train needs approximately 20-25 minutes to reach the city center. Departing from El Prat airport train station, it ends its journey to Maçanet-Massages, passing through Granollers Center. 

The R2 Line is divided into 3 sublines. However, only the R2 Nord offers a straight connection to the city. On the other hand, the R2 and the R2 Sud Lines don’t stop at the Airport Train Station. Therefore, passengers on those lines need to transit to R2 Nord at El Prat, Bellvitge, Barcelona-Sants, or at the Passeig de Gràcia Station. 

Finally, a new AVE high-speed train and a commuter train are expected to be added soon to the existing airport’s transportation system.

The R2 Nord Time Schedule from BCN Airport

The R2 Nord Line departs every 30 minutes from the Airport Train Station and reaches the metropolitan area of Barcelona in about 20-25 minutes. The first train leaves the Aeroport Station at 5:42 am, while the last train is scheduled to depart at 11:38 pm.

Our Tip: Although the R2 Nord train’s frequency is efficient, you should keep in mind that delays may always occur.

Barcelona Airport Train Station

The train station at Barcelona Airport is conveniently located 200m outside terminal building 2. In fact, the train station and the T2 are connected via an overpass, equipped with escalators and elevators for persons with disabilities or passengers with heavy luggage. All in all, you’ll need approximately 5 minutes to traverse the distance from the baggage claim to the train stop while you’ll be adequately navigated in the meanwhile by the airport’s signage.

Are you landing at BCN T1? The two terminal buildings are linked via a free shuttle bus, departing every 5-10 minutes, depending on the time of the day. The journey from one terminal to the other lasts about 10 minutes. The bus stop at T1 is just outside the terminal building, whereas T2 free shuttle bus stop is located underneath the footbridge. Note that the free shuttle buses run 24/7, are green, and therefore easily distinguished from the public buses connecting the airport to Barcelona city center.

The R2 Nord Line Tickets from Barcelona Airport

BCN Airport belongs to zone 4 of the RENFE network and is part of zone 1 of the TMB network (bus and metro network). Thus, a one-way ticket from the airport to the city of Barcelona costs 4.60€/4.60$ for an adult passenger. Children under 4 years old travel for free. There are numerous automatic vending machines at the airport, accepting both cash and credit cards. Their use is simple enough. Nevertheless, the airport’s staff is always to be found nearby to assist passengers.

Are you planning on using public transportation during your stay? Forget all about the single train tickets and opt for the T-casual aeroport ticket, which will allow you to use any means of public transport within Barcelona zone 1 for 10 journeys, paying only 7.95€/7.95$. Furthermore, you should also take into consideration the Hola Barcelona Travel Pass, which gives you the possibility to use public transportation as many times as you want, for 48, 72, 96, or 120 hours in a row respectively.

Which Barcelona Train Station Should be your Destination?

The R2 Nord line makes 21 stops during the route from the Airport to Maçanet-Massanes. However, not even one of them is actually located in the heart of Barcelona. Thus, which train station should be your disembarkation point?

  • Barcelona-Sants: This is the main train station and the station you should choose if you are heading to Plaça Espanya and Montjuic or if you are planning to travel to another Spanish area.
  • Passeig de Gràcia: The perfect choice if your destination is in the city center and in the Eixample area. It is also connected to numerous metro lines. 
  • El Clot-Aragó: This station mainly serves the areas of Poblenou and Clot. The north part of Eixample is also easily accessible via this station.
  • Estació de França: This train station is nearby numerous museums and places of interest (Picasso Museum, Museu d’Història de Catalunya, Aquarium, etc.), as well as near Barceloneta.


Is there a train from Barcelona Airport to the city centre?

The R2 Nord Train connects BCN Airport to the city of Barcelona, departing every half hour from the airport station. The journey lasts approximately 25 minutes, depending on the final station in Barcelona downtown.

Is there a train station at Barcelona Airport?

BCN Airport Train Station lies just outside the T2, near the car park. The station is linked to the terminal building via a pedestrian bridge. Overall, the time needed to traverse the distance from the area of baggage claim to the train station is 5 minutes.

How much is the train from Barcelona Airport to the city centre?

A one-way ticket from El Prat Airport to the city center costs 4.60€/4.60$. However, with the T-casual aeroport ticket, you can use 10 times any public means of transport inside Barcelona zone 1, paying 7.95€/7.95$. Moreover, the Hola Barcelona Travel Pass is of your interest if you intend to frequently use Barcelona’s public transportation.