Barcelona Airport Taxis

All Information for Taxi Fees and Prices, Taxi Stands and Popular Routes

Why Take a Barcelona Airport Taxi

Are you wondering whether you should settle on a BCN airport taxi for your transfer to Barcelona or not? The answer is simple: Are comfort and convenience important to you? If the answer to this question is positive, then El Prat airport taxis are the ideal transportation mode for your transfer, and numerous reasons justify this decision.

To start with, the black taxi vehicles with the distinctive yellow trunks and doors and the “TAXI” sign on their roof are always available outside both terminal buildings. Hence, no matter what time you are landing at BCN Airport, you will definitely find a taxi waiting for you when exiting the Arrivals area. Moreover, hiring an airport taxi saves you from the hassle of carrying your luggage around, as well as the stress of orienting yourself while trying to find your final destination in Barcelona. What’s more, airport taxis offer door-to-door services, dropping you off right in front of your accommodation’s door.

Barcelona Airport Taxi Fares and Prices

Barcelona airport taxis don’t offer flat fares for the transfer from or to Barcelona, but their final cost is subject to the traversed distance and the time of the day. In general terms, the ride from El Prat Airport to Barcelona city center costs 35-40€/35-40$. However, there is a minimum cost of 20€/20$, regardless of the final indication of the taximeter.

Therefore, if you hire your taxi from 8:00 am to 08:00 pm and your final destination is inside Barcelona Metropolitan Area, the day tariff will be implemented. If your transfer time is between 08:00 pm and 08:00 am, or you are traveling on weekends or holidays, a second, a different tariff will be applied. Furthermore, if you use a taxi app, you will be subject to different charges. Thus, the minimum fare on weekdays is 2.30€/2.30$, and the price per km is 1.21€/1.21$. On Sundays, holidays, and during the nights, the minimum fare is also 2.30€/2.30$. However, the cost per km is 1.45€/1.45$. One hour of waiting time is always charged at 23.40 €/23.40$. Thus, the total cost of each taxi ride is estimated by the taximeter. Finally, for transfers from BCN Airport to the Port of Barcelona, there is a fixed price of 39€/39$.
Please keep in mind that there is a supplement fee of 4.30€/4.30$ for transfers from and to the airport, as well as that supplement charges may apply. Those extra charges should be explicitly written on a sticker and clearly displayed on the vehicle’s window.


Type of FareInitial ChargeDaytime PriceCharge/km
Daytime fare2.30€/2.30$1.21€-1.21$/km23.40€-23.40$/hour
Nighttime-weekends-holidays fare2.30€/2.30$1.45€-1.45$/km23.40€-23.40$/hour

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Barcelona Airport Taxi Fees to Popular Destinations

Isn’t your final destination the Barcelona Metropolitan area? Take a look at the approximate airport taxi fares for some of the most popular Barcelona destinations:


FromToDaytime PriceNighttime PriceDuration
Barcelona AirportBarcelona City Center
35-40€/35-40$38-43€/38-43$25 min
Barcelona AirportSants Train Station35€/35$38€/38$20 min
Barcelona AirportMoll Adossat Cruise Dock (fixed)39€/39$39€/39$25 min
Barcelona AirportTarragona135€/135$150€/150$60 min
Barcelona AirportGirona200€/200$220€/220$85 min
Barcelona AirportSitges65€/65$73€/73$30 min

Where is the Taxi Rank at BCN Airport?

The official taxi ranks are located outside the Arrival areas of both terminal buildings, 1 and 2. In T2, taxis are queueing up in front of all the sections, T2A, T2B, and T2C. The airport’s signage is sufficient, so you won’t face any difficulties finding taxi stands. Just follow the relative signs and you will see the black-yellow vehicles waiting. Please note that you must wait in line and that hailing a taxi on the street isn’t allowed.

Airport Taxi from Barcelona Airport to Hotel

If you have just landed at Barcelona Airport, then your journey’s end will probably be your hotel or your accommodation. If that is the case, check if your hotel offers transfer services. If not, then a Barcelona airport taxi is the best way to reach your lodge without any stress or hassle. El Prat airport taxis are always available outside the airport’s terminals and provide efficient, safe, and comfortable services. Enjoy an unwinding ride and a door-to-door transfer with BCN airport taxis.

Barcelona Airport Taxi Tips

  • If your destination is near BCN Airport, then you may have to think twice before taking an airport taxi, as you will be charged the 20€/20$ minimum fee despite the traversed distance. 
  • Taxis in Barcelona can serve up to 4 passengers. 
  • You should always take your taxi from the official airport taxi ranks.
  • Outside the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, the cost per kilometer is higher. Therefore, you should always ask your taxi driver for an estimated final fare before deciding whether to hire a taxi or not.
  • The toll fees add to the final taxi fare.
  • You should always ask for a receipt at the end of your journey. This will be helpful if you intend to make complaints about your cab driver or in case of lost properties inside the vehicle, as you will find all the essential info on the receipt.
  • Ridesharing companies (Free Now, Uber, etc.) also operate at El Prat Airport.


Are there taxis at Barcelona Airport?

Barcelona airport taxis are always available at BCN Airport, no matter the day or time. They are to be found at the official taxi ranks, located just outside the entrances of both terminal buildings.

How much is a taxi from Barcelona Airport?

There is no flat rate for the taxi rides from El Prat Airport, but the final cost is calculated by a taximeter. There is a specific tariff for the daytime (08:00 am-08:00 pm) and one for the night, the weekends, and the holidays. In any case, a supplement fee of 4.30€/4.30$ is applied for airport transfers, while the approximate cost for the ride from BCN Airport to Barcelona Metropolitan Area is 35-40€ (35-40$).