Barcelona Airport Transfers

Elevate your Travelling Experience with a Private Airport Transfer

Private Airport Transfers from Barcelona Airport

As well-connected as Barcelona airport may be, there is nothing more convenient than having your own private transfer vehicle waiting for you just outside the exit of the terminal building. The means of public transportation may be affordable and fast (especially the Aerobus lines and the L9 Sud metro line). However, you’ll have to wait for the next route to arrive, carry your luggage with you and try to find the location of your accommodation from your disembark point.

What’s more, the public modes of transport are getting often crowded, causing a lot of hassle especially if you are travelling with children or you have lots of luggage with you, not being able to keep an eye on them at all times. On the other hand, Barcelona airport taxis are always available at the airport. Nevertheless, you should still wait in line, while the total fare is uncertain, affected by the traffic, the time of the day etc., as taxis don’t offer set prices. For all those reasons, a private transfer is the perfect choice for an unwind and stress-free transfer to the city of Barcelona. In fact many private transfer companies operate at BCN Airport. Therefore, do your research, find the best deal and enjoy your ride!

Why Choose a Private Barcelona Airport Transfer?

Are you still wondering whether you should choose a private transfer from BCN Airport? If high-class services and comfortable rides aren’t enough reasons for you, check out explicitly why a private transfer from Barcelona airport should be your choice:

  • Private transfers offer door-to-door services without the need to navigate around the city in order to find your accommodation.
  • Was your flight long and tiring? Having a private vehicle waiting for your arrival is the ideal end for your journey!
  • Barcelona airport trains and subways don’t stop directly at the city center. Therefore, you’ll have to change between lines to reach your exact destination.
  • Barcelona airport buses (both regional and Aerobus) head to the city center. However, they may be crowded, while the bus stops may not be close enough to your accommodation.
  • Barcelona airport taxis offer premium services, but cannot be compared to the top-quality private transfers. 
  • By pre-booking a private transfer, you’ll have your driver waiting for you at the arrivals area to assist you with your luggage and lead you to your vehicle. What’s more, he will most probably give you useful info about Barcelona and its attractions.
  • Do you prefer or need a special type of vehicle? When pre-booking your private transfer, you can choose among a wide variety of vehicles.
  • You’ll be fully aware of the cost of your ride, without hidden, last-minute surcharges or supplementary fees.


What is a private airport transfer?

A private transfer is a kind of “taxi ride” provided by private transfer companies. These companies offer their services only upon booking. By pre-booking a private transfer, you’ll have your own driver waiting for you at the airport, helping you with your luggage and leading you the way to your vehicle, parked just outside the terminal building. Once making yourself comfortable, he will take you directly to your destination, answering your every question in the meanwhile.

How do I book an airport transfer?

Numerous private transfer companies operate at Barcelona airport. Check out the available options, find the best value for money alternative and enter the company’s website. From that point on, you’ll have to follow the corresponding instructions to fill the booking form and make your reservation.