Layover at Barcelona Airport

Things to Do and Useful Tips for your Layover at Barcelona Airport

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Get the Most Out of your Layover at Barcelona Airport

You are obligated to spend some between-flight hours at Barcelona Airport and are already frustrated about that. Why so? There are so many things to do while waiting at the airport. Make the most of your stay at BCN Airport and turn your spare time into quality time at once.

Things to Do at Barcelona Airport

Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport is a quite recently renewed and modern airport that offers its passengers all the anticipated amenities, along with high-quality services. Therefore, let’s see how you can benefit from the airport’s facilities and manage to fully enjoy the waiting time for your upcoming flight:

Shop, Shop until you Drop

Barcelona Airport has duty frees, local shops, international brands, and luxury products; it has everything required for a perfect shopping experience. Thus, explore all the stores, buy all the things needed (or totally unneeded but desired), and if you are on a tight budget, limit yourself to some window shopping. You’ll still get to know what goes around the market. 

Our Tip: T1 has more shopping options than T2. Nevertheless, T2 still offers an adequate shopping experience. However, you can always take the free shuttle bus and transfer from one terminal to the other (transfers from T1 to T2 take 10 minutes, whereas the other way around 14 minutes).

Eat and Drink at BCN Airport

Unlike many other airports, El Prat Airport has many notable drink & dining options to show off. Hence, why not have a nice meal or drink a refreshing cocktail during your layover? Are you not exactly hungry, but you have a craving for something tasteful? You are in the best place for this. Spain! Enjoy a beer or a glass of wine accompanied with -what else? – Spanish tapas.

Let the Technology Entertain you

How often do you complain about your unread emails or the lack of time to organize your tasks? Now is the time! Use the free airport Wi-Fi to classify your emails, finish any not-yet-done projects, and do everything you always wanted to do online but never got the chance to do it. 

Do you Want to Pray?

Then head to the La Plaza area at T1. A chapel and s a prayer room are located there, open for any passenger who needs to use them. However, you should keep in mind that their operating hours are from 06:00 am to 10:30 pm.

Rejuvenate yourself

Do you want to look fresh and relaxed for your next flight? No problem! You have two options to achieve your goal. Head to one of the airport lounges and relax. Note that many of them have showers and rest areas. Alternatively, why not visit the airport spas and pamper yourself?

Children’s Quality Time

If you are traveling with children and you don’t dare to think about potential tantrums during the layover at the airport, you should be glad to know that Barcelona Airport has children’s areas located at both terminals. Your children will have a perfect time, and you’ll get to relax in the meanwhile. A win-win situation!

Why not Sleep During your Layover?

What’s better than a good sleep after a long and tiring flight? Whether you want to check in to the airport’s air rooms (Sleep & Fly) or simply take a nap at one of the airport chairs, sleep is always beneficial! The T1 usually has many sleepers, whereas the Gate U of T2, kitted with comfortable chairs without armrests, is the perfect place for a sleepover.

Leave Barcelona Airport and Head to the City!

If you have enough time, it would be a shame not to get a glimpse of the beautiful city. However, you should make sure that the layover duration is adequate so as not to miss your next flight! You should have a waiting time of at least 7-8 hours to visit the city stress-free, as you are going to need approximately 1-1.5 hours for your upcoming check-in. Thus, schedule your Barcelona trip carefully. What’s more, you should check if you need a visa to exit the airport. Do you have many pieces of luggage and are struggling to move them around? You can easily store them at the airport storage areas.

Now that you are ready, let’s see how you can spend your time in Barcelona:

Visit the Exquisite Barcelona City Center

There’s so much to do and so many sights to see in Barcelona city center. However, as your time is limited, you should choose wisely to make the most of your journey and see as many attractions as possible. Hence, if you don’t mind walking, you can organize a tour in the city center, combining some of the following places of interest:

  • Picasso museum: The museum gathers more than 4.000 of the famous painter’s works of art and is definitely a must-see attraction in Barcelona. 
  • Sagrada Familia: Little needs to be said about the famous Sagrada Familia. The well-known masterpiece of Gaudi and his most loved one, as it is often claimed, is still unfinished. Still, it is the most visited sightseeing spot in Spain.
  • Casa Mila: One of the most outstanding buildings, the Casa Mila, houses the “Espai Gaudi” exhibition. 
  • Casa Battlo: Another impressive Gaudi building, totally different from the Casa Mila, is located in the area and is worth visiting.

Our Tip: Many organized tours can guide you to all those sights. If you opt for a tour, do your research and book the best value-for-money option.

Head to Barceloneta Beach

You haven’t visited Barcelona if you haven’t seen the cosmopolitan Barceloneta. Barceloneta is a vast beach covered mostly by sand (apart from a part covered with stones). It attracts the majority of Barcelona’s visitors and offers a variety of activities. Take a glimpse of the beautiful scenery, and if the weather permits it, why not? Take a swim!

Wander around La Rambla

La Rambla is undoubtedly the most famous road in Barcelona. It is filled with bars, restaurants, and various shops and is the perfect way to get acquainted with the city’s life and cuisine. La Boqueria, the oldest fleet market in the city, dating back to 1217, also lies in that area!

For you: Camp Nou!

If you are a football lover, you can’t miss Camp Nou. FC Barcelona’s stadium not only attracts Barcelona fans, but all travelers watching football or appreciating architectural achievements get to visit Camp Nou, the biggest stadium in all of Europe.

Don’t Miss Park Güell

The Park Güel is the futuristic masterpiece of Gaudi. It doesn’t resemble anything you have already seen and is without any doubt one of the most magnificent attractions in Barcelona. It is included among UNESCO World Heritage Sites and must be part of your Barcelona experience.