Barcelona Airport Parking Services

Park your Car Easily and Safely at El Prat Airport

Are BCN Airport Parking Facilities Adequate?

No matter which terminal you are leaving from, you won’t have to worry about finding a parking spot for your car. Both terminals’ infrastructure has taken into account the present parking needs, as well as the potential future ones as the airport gradually is becoming a more and more important aviation hub. Therefore, check out which is your departure terminal and take a look at the available parking options.

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El Prat Airport Car Parks at Terminal 1

Are you looking for a covered parking area? Do you want something more affordable? Are you planning on parking your car for only a few minutes? Or perhaps convenience is a top priority for you, and you are searching for VIP services? No matter what your requirements are, BCN T1 has the right parking zone for you.

T1 Car Park

Most of the parking spots available at BCN T1 are to be found at the covered nine-story, monitored car park. This General Car Park consists of more than 9.000 parking spaces and has direct access to the terminal building. The installed signage of the car park is effective, showing the free parking spots and helping passengers navigate through the facilities so that they manage to park their vehicles as close to their departure gate as possible. In any case, the car park is the nearest to the T1 available parking option.

T1 Express Car Park

The 95-space parking lot is ideal for dropping off or picking up passengers. It is located near the T1 Departure level.

Preferential Car Park at T1

The second floor of the nine-story car park houses an especially designed first-class parking section with direct and easy access to D, E, and F terminal areas. These parking spots offer an even easier way to the Departure zone.

T1 VIP Parking Areas

VIP Parking Areas are scattered throughout the T1 complex. However, you don’t need to know their exact location, as you are supposed to just drop off your vehicle in front of the terminal building when arriving at the airport and pick it up on your way back. These parking zones are also monitored, and the services provided are personalized depending on the customer’s needs.

El Prat Airport Car Parks at Terminal 2

Is T2 your departure terminal? Are you worried about finding the right parking option for your preferences and budget? T2 provides its passengers with multiple parking alternatives.

T2 Car Park

The T2 open Car Park is conveniently located in front of the T2A, T2B, and T2C sections. The parking lot has more than 8.000 parking spaces and is guarded by security guards. The walking distance to terminal building 2 is just 2-3 minutes.

T2 Express Car Park

Short-stay parking needs, drop-offs, and pick-ups are being served via the T2 Express Car Park. The express parking area is to be found on the way to the terminal entrance.

T2 VIP Parking Areas

BCN Airport offers VIP parking services. It is, without any doubt, the most convenient parking option, as you simply have to deliver your vehicle to the authorized airport staff in front of the terminal and pick it up from the same area when returning from your trip.

The Long-Stay Parking at Barcelona Airport

The Long-stay Parking Area of BCN Airport lies 2 km away from terminals 1 and 2, on the road that connects the two terminal buildings. It is ideal for passengers who are looking for prolonged parking alternatives. The long-stay parking zone is served by a free shuttle bus that runs every 20 minutes, from 04:30 am to 01:00 am during the high tourist season and from 05:00 am to 00:00 am from October to March.

Barcelona Airport Parking Fees

Depending on the chosen parking option, the final parking fee will be formed accordingly. However, the payment method for all the parking areas is the same. Therefore, you have to collect your ticket from the designated payment machine when entering each parking facility and keep it with you. Afterwards, you have to pay the parking fee at the automatic machines using this ticket and finally, insert it into the automatic device when exiting the parking area. Note that such machines are also to be found inside the airport.

Explicitly, the prices for each parking zone are the following:


Parking Area1’ - 30’31’ - 120’121’ and moreDaily Up to 4 daysFrom 5th day
T1 General Car Park0.06€ (0.06$)/min0.06€ (0.06$)/min0.06€ (0.06$)/min24€ (24$)18.5€ (18.5$)
T1 Preferential Car Park0.06€ (0.06$)/min0.06€ (0.06$)/min0.06€ (0.06$)/min24€ (24$)18.5€ (18.5$)
T2 General Car Park0.06€ (0.06$)/min0.06€ (0.06$)/min0.06€ (0.06$)/min24€ (24$)18.5€ (18.5$)
Parking Area1' - 30' 31’ - 120’ 121’ and moreDaily up to 4 daysFrom 5th day
T1 Express Parking Area0.12631€ (0.12631$)/min0.12776€ (0.12776$)/min0.1289€ (0.1289$)/min61€ (61$)61€ (61$)
T2 Express Parking Area0.12631€ (0.12631$)/min0.12776€ (0.12776$)/min0.1289€ (0.1289$)/min61€ (61$)61€ (61$)
Parking Area1 day2 days3 days4 days5 days
VIP Parking62€ (62$)87.5€ (87.5$)110€ (110$)120€ (120$)130€ (130$)
Parking Area1 day2 days3 days4 days5 days
Long Stay Car Park
19€ (19$)28€ (28$)39€ (39$)49€ (49$)57€ (57$)
Long Stay Car Park
(without pre-booking)
26€ (26$)41€ (41$)53€ (53$)65€ (65$)77€ (77$)

Useful Tips about Barcelona Airport Parking

  • Booking your parking spot in advance offers you a wider availability of parking options, as well as better deals and potential discounts.
  • If you have pre-booked your parking spot, you don’t have to press the ticket button once entering the parking area.
  • There are designated parking spaces for persons with disabilities.
  • All the usual payment methods are acceptable (cash, credit/debit cards, mobile payment).
  • The express car parks are more expensive than the general parking areas if you are planning to exceed the free 15-minutes stay.
  • There are paid and non-paid parking areas for motorcycles inside the airport complex. 
  • Another car park is located near the Corporate Aviation terminal.
  • If you face any problem during the payment process, you can press the “HELP” button on the payment machines and speak directly to the airport staff.


How much does it cost to park at Barcelona Airport?

Barcelona airport parking fees vary depending on the chosen parking facility. Overall, the price for a one-hour stay at the General Parking Areas is 0.06€ (0.06)$ per minute, while the Express Parking at both terminals costs 0.127€ (0.127$) per minute. On the other hand, parking your car at the Long-stay Parking Lot for one day will cost you 19€ (19$) if booking in advance and 26€ (26$) on the spot.

How to get to parking lot at Barcelona Airport?

The best value for money to reserve a parking spot at Barcelona Airport is to pre-book it in advance. Usually, the prices for a pre-booked parking spot are lower than booking on the spot. Thus, you can choose the BCN parking facility that best suits your needs and make your reservation to secure the lowest cost.

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