Barcelona Airport Transportation

Compare and Review all Public and Private Transfer Options

Transportation to and from Barcelona Airport

If your transportation from BCN Airport to Barcelona city center (or the other way round) troubles you and you are worried about reaching your final destination, then check out all the means of transport that are available and ready to handle your transfer to the heart of the Catalonian capital. Do you prefer public transportation modes? You can choose between the bus, train, or subway. Do you weigh your convenience versus price and search for a more comfortable way of transport? Why not take a taxi, book a private transfer or even hire a rental car? Nothing is out of the question when it comes to El Prat’s connection to the city center!


Arrive at your final destination in comfort by hiring a Barcelona airport taxi. El Prat airport taxis are queuing up around the clock outside the BCN terminals and offer fast and reliable services. The black vehicles with yellow doors and yellow trunks are hard to miss. Hence, make your way to one of the airport’s official ranks, wait in line for your taxi and travel conveniently to your hotel in Barcelona Metropolitan Area, paying about 35-40€ (35-40$).


Two types of buses handle the transfers from and to BCN Airport. The more affordable yet less frequent and fast metropolitan buses (Bus 46, N16 and N17) and the more costly but efficient, fast and around the clock Aerobus. All the airport buses depart from both terminals, therefore it’s up to you to make your choice!


The R2 Nord Train Line directly connects El Prat Airport to the city center. Trains depart every 30 minutes from the airport train station, located outside the T2 terminal building, and reach their destination in the city center in about 20-25 minutes. In the near future, a high-speed AVE train and a commuter line are going to offer their transport services from and to the airport.


The L9 Sud (the orange line) is the subway line that links Barcelona Airport to the city area. The L9 Sud departs from both terminals, and its travel time is approximately 32 minutes. With a 7-minute frequency, the orange metro line is considered an excellent option for travelers who don’t carry heavy luggage, as they may most probably need to change metro lines before reaching their final destination.

Private Airport Transfers

The private transfer companies are present at Barcelona airport, offering premium, safe and fast rides to the city of Barcelona. Pre-book a private airport transfer and enjoy top-rated services, having your personal driver waiting for you at the airport, assisting you with your luggage and leading you to the reserved vehicle of your preference.

Car Rentals

Explore the magnificent Barcelona and the rest of the beautiful Catalonian region at your rhythm, without having to wait for public transportation means or looking for a taxi. Rent a car at BCN Airport, and feel free to manage your schedule in any way you see fit. Many car rental companies are present at El Prat Airport, offering premium services. So, what are you waiting for? Do your research, find the best deal and book the Barcelona airport car rental of your choice!

Barcelona Airport to City Center

Barcelona Airport is well connected to the heart of the city. Therefore, if you are looking for the available options for your transfer from BCN Airport to the city center, then you should decide first if public transportation is the perfect choice for you. If that is the case, the R2 Nord Train line, the L9 Sud metro line, the day Bus 46, and the Night Buses N16 and 17, as well as the Aerobus are your alternatives. Otherwise, you can always opt for a comfortable airport taxi, book in advance a private transfer, or even rent a car at El Prat Airport.

Barcelona Airport to Girona

You’ll have many options when the time comes for your transfer from Barcelona Airport to the city of Girona. Do you want to traverse the 118-km distance to Girona city center in style and comfort? Then go for a Barcelona airport taxi or even better hire a private transfer. Are you a “public transportation fan”? Don’t get discouraged from the transits – as there is no direct public connection from BCN Airport to Girona -, but enjoy the far cheaper tickets and a safe journey either by bus or by train.

Barcelona Airport to Sitges

The scenic and popular town of Sitges is easily accessible from BCN Airport via taxis or private transfers. However, there are more alternative options for your transfer from El Prat Airport to Sitges. The Garraf Buses directly link the airport to the small town, while Sitges can also be reached by train. Last but not least, a car rental is always a good idea so much for getting to your destination in Sitges as for exploring the entire area during your stay.

Barcelona Airport to Cruise Port

If a memorable cruise is waiting for you and you wish to get from Barcelona Airport to the Cruise Port, you’ll find plenty of alternatives for your transfer. Airport taxis, private transfers, and car rentals are among the most comfortable options, while more affordable yet indirect rides are also possible using buses and subways.

Barcelona Airport to Sants Train Station

Are you landing at BCN Airport and wondering what the options are for your transfer from Barcelona Airport to Sants Train Station? If comfort and convenience are top priorities for you, airport taxis, private transfers, and car rentals should be among your first choices. On the other hand, the only public transport alternative is the RENFE R2 Nord Trains. However, they are fast, direct, and low-cost.

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